setup as user interface designer

Angga Risky – Working as Designer especially User Interface Design, there are many sections that you need to do, such as wireframe, icon, illustration, layout, colors, typography, and so on. Well, I am gonna to show you how do I work as User Interface Designer and what kind of applications that I use every day to deliver the design.

How do I Setup as User Interface Designer

Create a Wireframe

In the first step that I usually doing wireframe based on an idea of UX designer. I use the pencil and my notebook to do wireframe. But, sometimes I use Balsamiq or Mockplus to make the wireframe, it depends on the project. Is it a big project or not, and it depends on your team, are you working alone or not. That is it.

To make a wireframe, you can try to use the pencil and book or if you want to try more advanced that you can use desktop applications in Windows or OS X such as Balsamiq, Mockplus, Mockflow, Sketch App, Axure, Photoshop, Adobe XD, and so on.

Find Inspiration of Design

Sometimes we can’t decide by yourself and we need to find a good inspiration for design related our current project to make work easier. I use dribbble and behance to find a good color, layout, typography, and idea of design. I can also use the muzli to find a good latest design or trend of design.

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Animation in User Interface Design

I use Flinto app that more easy-to-use and I can also customize the transition of animation each layout of user interface design. You can also import your design from Sketch app or Photoshop to Flinto and you can make a good interaction of design with its features.

Prototyping for UI Design

After you already created a whole of apps design, you might want to try out this design into your user-target to make sure that everything is working properly. I use the marvelapp and invisionapp, both of them is easy to use but if you want to more features, you need to upgrade your account to the premium that you will get more features for your project.

Icon, Illustration, and Layout of UI Design

How to make all of them is only to use Sketch app, I have no Adobe’s products, I don’t have Illustrator or Photoshop to manipulation my photos or creating an Illustration. I only use Sketch app and it is not really bad for me, the actually it depends on your concept, once it is able in Sketch app, why not? you can only use this application.

Well, that is all from me and I hope it useful for you. If you have another application that you can share with us and let’s make it happen and we can grow together as a designer. Thanks for reading and goodbye.


  1. Nice one angga. I’m a developer for the web and mobile. UI design is not my forte but I’ll try to learn as much as possible. Keep it up the good work!