Passive Income by Selling Icons

Angga Risky – If you only work at company or freelance, I think that is not enough to recover your living cost. Why don’t you take a good steps to build your own passive income to increase your income as monthly or yearly by selling an icon. I believe it worth for you.

Passive Income by Selling Icons

There are many websites that provides icon design and you also can sell your own icon into those websites (but it might takes a fee). By selling icon, you will get another source income to help you to buy something you need. Isn’t it? I will introduce to you about those sites.


Actually, these icons are free to use as commercial project and even you can edit those icons from Photoshop or Illustrator even Sketch App (as long as file is EPS). But, there is premium icon set which has different style from free icons (that is why those icons are premium). You can make your own icon set and sell it to them.


I think this site is not different from flat icon, the only way you need to do is researching first about trendy icon that you can make with. After that, sell it to and promote it into your social media or anything else that people can see your products.


This site provides icons for user-interface design, you also will get the HTML embedding which is you can insert an icon into your HTML template easily. And there is fonts generator that help you to change these icons into icon font.

Well, that is all from me and I believe you can achieve more income as designer (while designing an apps it’s not a whole day). Once you have free time, use it to build the passive income, after that you just need to enjoying the money or traveling the world. Thanks, good bye.

I have something for you, you can use these icons for your current or next project. All of icons are free to use in commercial project as long as you give them appreciate.

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