Graphic Designer Doesn't Need Degree

Angga Risky – Since technology comes to our life and we almost use it for every single day, we always get the good information quickly from social media which is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and so on. Well, to become a Graphic Designer that you don’t really need any degree.

Do you know if there are so many websites that provide content of graphic design that you can learn it by yourself (self-taught) like i did for 2 years ago. I was poor and not have much money to take a degree, so what can I do is learn by myself step-by-step for every single day by using an Internet and my laptop.

Graphic Designer Doesn’t Need Degree

If you want to become a Graphic Designer without take a college or class, you can also learn by self-taught, you just need the internet connection and your device which is laptop or computer and software design. If you want to decrease the outcome, you can also use the free software design such as inkscape, canva, figma, etc.

So, if you come here with the pure heart wants to learn graphic design without take any college, i will give you a little direction that you can follow the path and becoming graphic designer only use internet, device, and software design.

1. Install Your Software Design

If you get more money or if you want to be cracker who is using the app design by crack the license for Adobe, CorelDraw, etc. You can do that, but I don’t prefer like it. If I don’t have much money, I will use GIMP to replace my Photoshop and use Inkscape to replace my Adobe Illustrator.

2. Take a Short-Course of Design

You can go to YouTube to find the best way about how to learn design or becoming graphic designer, what you need to do is only to find the goal first. What kind of graphic designer you want to become, an example you want to be an illustrator, well you need to learn how to draw and how to make your sketch rough to digital design by using scanner or you can take the picture by your camera and tracing into digital version.

And you can also go to to find the free online course related graphic design, you can learn print-out design, web design, icon design, and so on. Just find it using your Internet and you will get it soon.

3. Join a Community of Graphic Design

Look, don’t only use Facebook for make the conversation, you can use it also to find a group which is related your goal. There are many groups that would help you to becoming graphic designer without money, they will give you feedback about your design and you can improve it day-by-day like I did before.

4. Test Your Skill on Contest of Design

After you already practice, you can next to the next journey which is join any contest of design such as 99design, freelancer, offline contest nearby with University or Conference. You can also create the proposal of your business to offer it to your new client, the main point is only beat yourself to create the different design for other people and make them happy.

The conclusion is whenever you feel you don’t have any money but you want to keep becoming graphic designer, believe me there is always answer for you. You just need to be confident and don’t give up early before you try it. Thanks and good bye.


    • Indeed. I got so many offers to work with Malaysia, Singapore, and China. They asked me to stay in their country, but I need a VISA and to make the VISA needs bachelor. Well, the actual company doesn’t need your degree, but VISA does.