What Should You Prepare for Developer as User-Interface Designer

Angga Risky – I believe that if you come here well you are beginner or junior UI Designer. Am I right? If yes, we gonna to talk about something important that would improve your skills as UI Designer. Especially, if you are working with the development division, you might feel lucky to be here.

So, as UI designer to be working compete with development section which is they are developer to implement your design into apps by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Database, XML, Java, and so on. You need to know how to deliver the assets for your developer to make them easier while they are working on development apps.

What Should You Prepare for Developer as User-Interface Designer

Let’s say that we are working on the mobile apps which is iOS/Android, we need to design the layout first for the whole of mobile apps. After that, we need to introduce it to our developer related of apps. Well, how to make it more clearly? take it easy, let’s start right now.

1. Prototype

Are you familiar with Prototype? or, you just know from this article. Well, that is not big deal for you. I will explain shortly, Prototype is the technical that make your design into real-apps, you will show your design and how your design works to your client, project manager, developer, business owner, even the end-user.

How to create the prototype? is there free app? yes, indeed. You can use the MarvelApp.com or InvisionApp.com. I am pretty sure there is free but if you want more features that you need to get the paid or premium account. But, for the beginner or beginning like you, I think you don’t really need, just use the free and once you feel good, you can go to upgrade it. Firstly, you just need to learn What Should You Prepare for Developer as User-Interface Designer.

2. Inspect Code

Inspect Code helps developer to generate the layout design to codes, developer be able to learn more about the structure of design. They also can inspect the color codes, font-style, font-size, and so on. You can use Zeplin.io to inspect your design with your developer, there is collaboration section that would improve your team-work.

3. Icon Design

I believe if you are designing for mobile apps you will create the custom icons which is not available in iOS/Android system. That is why you need to deliver these icons to your developer, you can give them in JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF. But, I prefer to give them directly by using SVG, because it is editable and not much developer using software design to edit the icon, the best way is SVG version.

4. UI Kit and Design Guide Style

You need to create the Design Guide Style. I will give you an example that you can see below.

Well, these components of design guide would help the developer to recognize the design style of each apps. Developer can easily prepare for each component that they will use it into mobile apps. And, if in the next time there is any update of design, designer and developer can easily to manage it.

That is all from me about What Should You Prepare for Developer as User-Interface Designer, if I have another suggestion that I would share it to you so on. Well, thank you for reading and hope you enjoying it and feel free to share and leave your comment. Thanks, good bye, Angga Risky.