Angga Risky – Do you want to become a User-Interface Designer but you don’t have much money to get the college or degree. It’s gonna be cheap than you thought before and I will give you a good suggestion from my experience about this topic of becoming User-Interface Designer. You don’t really need much money to start with it.

BecomeĀ User-Interface Designer

1. Get the Device (MacBook Pro MD101 $400)

If you want to become User-Interface Designer, you need tools and device to help you to create the design, communication, save your work, find an inspiration of design, and so on. Well, I give you a good suggestion to buy a MacBook Pro MD101 at Amazon or eBay or you can also find it to the offline store.

You don’t really need to start with the Retina one, because the price is expensive and you need to save your money for the next your journey, well that is why the MD101 is the best one and I used it 2 years ago. You fill find the best price is only around $400 for this good device. Trust me, it really worth.

2. Be Smart to Searching on Google ($0)

I mean, I believe there is free tutorial which is video or an article that you can learn with. But, you need to be smart to find a good one and if you can, just find a good mentor that they want to share its knowledge to you.

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As junior designer, you should learn more than everyone else. You should take the hard-step first to make you more strong and confident to take a risk. You can go to website which is provide a good design inspiration to guide you for the design information or trend of design that you can make it.

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3. Start Trial for Every App ($0)

Every software design has trial-month than you can try it one-by-one and make sure that you are really enjoy with. Once you feel happy, you can subscribe their plan or you can buy the license. Before you try for every software design, you should find a good information about software design which is most people uses to their project.

I give you recommendation to try Sketch App, Adobe XD, Photoshop, (Free), Gravit Designer. These apps would help you to create an User-Interface Design easily than you don’t know before. You will also find the official tutorial or from YouTube channel like Angga Risky that provide videos tutorial of those software design app.

4. Use Promo Coupon Code (50% from $99)

I have the good application for you to creating User-Interface Design, this application called Sketch App and everyone knows about this app. But, this app is paid around $99 (I know it’s expensive for beginner). Well, there is coupon code that you can use it. You just need to prepare your ID Card as Student and give it to them by using its official mail.

You will get %50 price from the original one, well you just need to pay $99 – 50% = $48.5 and you will get the 2 years of license. What a nice plan, isn’t it? just try this suggestion from me and feel free to share with your friends.

Well, you just need to spend around $400 + $49 = $449 and you still save the money to buy something else which is internet connection, food, or books (but I believe you will get the free e-book from google). So, I hope it useful for you and feel free to share and leave your comment below of this article. Thanks everyone.