ui design to html by angga risky

Angga Risky – If you are UI(User-Interface) designer or User-Interface developer, you might think if you want to make your own design to HTML template that would be hard, because you need to learn HTML and CSS even JavaScript. Isn’t it? Ha! I have a good app that help you to generate your own CSS from Photoshop or Sketch App. Let’s try to learn UI design to HTML.

UI Design to HTML

For you who want to slicing your design to HTML template it is gonna be easy by using Avocode, you know if Avocode would help to save your design to the cloud and you can also generate the CSS code directly from your own design. And, if you are working on the team, they will be able to leave a comment into your design.

Share and inspect Photoshop and Sketch designs in a heart beat, the actually it is not only for website, you can also generate the code for mobile development such as hybrid app, ios app, and android app.

UI Design to HTML template

Inspect designs and export assets

Open Photoshop & Sketch designs on Mac, Windows, and Linux, or in the browser with Avocode. Generate CSS, Swift & Android code from layers, export images, fonts, styles, pick colors, measure sizes, distances and more.

Convert your PSD to Sketch App

Keep your designs organized in the cloud

Upload any Photoshop and Sketch source files to one safe place, where your entire team can access, open and download them 24/7. Organize designs in projects and keep design versions in sync.

Comment and give visual design feedback

Invite your team members and easily manage user permissions. Give precise design feedback via comments and get notified on Slack or email when something changes.

I believe there is another features that you can achieve with. You can go to their official site to test this application as your help tool soon. I hope it useful for you, please share and leave me a comment of your. Thanks.

Official site of Avocode